How does technology help you problem solve?

How can technology help you solve real life situations in today’s world? As we learned in class there are many different way to problem solve using something that we are all very familiar with, technology. Technology is most time associated with internet, phones, laptops, and other devices. But tech is also a great tool to solve problems and be a problem solve.

One way to solve a problem in you life is by creating a video. This can be a way to express your ideas in a creative yet positive way. If you are having a problem at school or you have a problem with someone in your life. Instead of going at them physically, you can simply use technology and create a video telling them that there is a slight barrier between the two of you and calming address the situation. Video creating, is not only used when there is a problem between you and someone, but if there is a worldwide issue taking place you can send publish a video expressing your opinion and/ or telling ways to help the issue be resolve if it is a minor one.

Another way that technology can be used to problem solve is blogging, that is kind of the same concept as video creation. This is another way to expresses your ideas and share ideas about raising awareness and helping solve problems. It helps connect with the outside world and get information as well as perspective from other people.

Finally, Digital Citizen is a huge part of solving problem in the educational world as well as when you on the web in general. We learned about plagiarism, digital, footprints, etc. This help solve problem when taking someone else ideas or words. This is plagiarism technology taught us that you should paraphrase one’s words instead. This really helps when you are researching.

All in all, technology helps problem solve in a way that you can conveys your ideas and your perspective to others.