Mr Eugene (Guest posts)- Activity 2

I live in Dakar, Senegal and there are a lot of beautiful and interactive places to go to. One of my favorites is Accrobaobab. This is a ‘sports’ environment located about 65 km south from the capital (Dakar), the activities include zip lining and tree climbing; this is available to young adults as well as children starting at age of 7. If one decides to go in a large group this can be a great team building activity.  The baobab tree can grow as high as 100 feet tall, which makes the zip lining even more entertaining. Another place that I love visiting  in my home country is Saly. Although most tourist know this site, it is an amazing relaxing place for a vacation stay. Saly is a region in Dakar where many hotels are located; it kind of seems like an island because most to all of the housings are located near the ocean (Atlantic). A lot of hotels that I’ve been to are really interesting, it allows one to have a glimpse and learn about the Senegalese culture. At night they put on shows, like singing Senegalese songs, or a Senegalese fashion show, so, this lets tourist learn about the traditions of the country. Finally, Saint- Louis is also another interesting site. This city is know as the historical place of the country. Many houses there are ‘conversed’ from the colonial times. The city is also known for its jazz music ‘brought’ by the the American soldiers also during colonialism. Finally, Saint Louis also has a major fish port. Most of the fishing takes place in this city. Saint- Louis is a great site to learn about the Senegalese history and how it turned out to be like it is today. These are just a few sites that I love in Senegal!


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "saly au sénégal"  Saly- General Plan

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