Possessed Photography


It was winter day, cold, gloomy, the sky was a faint grey, the clouds were invisible and the atmosphere was dull. Everyday repeating my routine; get up, shower, get dressed, eat, brush teeth, work and repeat. But today seemed different, something was off, I thought that I was sick in the inside, but i felt good in the outside. I was a photographer for a realistic fiction author, his themes always revolved around death and paranormal activity. My job was to find locations that can be turn into scary settings for his story line. Today, decided to go to an abandoned park during the day of course to not encounter any paranormal things. I just took random pictures that would fit the story line of the book. When I was at home later in the evening I looked back at the six pictures they are looked pretty normal, except for one. It came out all white with a black shadow. It was weird but I did not think anything of it, maybe my camera was just glitching.

The next day I had to take more pictures but I just decided to stay in my apartment and take picture of my guest bedroom. No one ever sleep there, I almost never have guests. The space was pretty small. The bed lied against the left side wall with a beside table and a small alarm clock and the blinds were right behind the bed. It’s not the best guest room but that is all I had. I decided to just take pictures of the bed and the blinds. SNAP! SNAP! After just two pictures the lights started flickering, it was a bit odd because the other lights in the living room were not. Again, I thought nothing of it, maybe the light bulb needed to be changed. I turned off the lights and used the flash to take the last four pictures. It did look better. As I walked out of the room the lights turned on again. At that point I was beyond frightened because I knew that I turned them off. I ran out of the room as soon as possible and slammed the door behind me.

After the shock, I proceeded by looking at the pictures that I took. Some of them looked great, others, not so much. But when I across the last picture, I was shook. I examined the photograph about six times and I was shocked every time. There was another black shadow. But this time the background was not white. The background showed the room I was in but, it seemed more dull, and dark. Just above the bed there was a black ghostly figure it was a girl with long black hair covering her pale beat up face. With a short dress ripped apart. Slouching. Drooping. I was beyond scared at that point. I needed to rest my head, so I slept on it.

When I went to bed, I was frighting, I locked to door of my room just in case and kept one light on. The night went on pretty smoothly, until, 6 AM hit. The alarm went off. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! It was so loud i could not even hear myself think. After a couple of moments, I realized that the alarm was not coming from my room but, from “the other room”. I was terrified, but, I would not sleep with that noise. I grabbed the baseball bat and headed to the room. I walked it and I saw nothing, a was relieved, but still the chills ran up my spine and back down again. I turned to every corner of the room swinging the bat in the air. Nothing. I headed to the bedside table to hit the snooze button of the alarm. Just as my fingertips skimmed against the button, a felt an aggressive pull on the bat. As soon as I knew it it was gone. Shaking, I slowly turn around and the figure lay before me with the bat in the air. Swinging.

Try to finish the story in you dare! I can’t think of an ending- Thanks.

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