Week 6-Commenting.

This week and last I have done quite a lot of commenting. One thing that I really enjoy about it is that it allows you to open up the conversation and connect with people outside of the your country and find people with similar interests. I also enjoy that the commenting is a very open space, like a no judgement zone and people give a lot of helpful feedback. I do not find anything annoying about commenting I just feel as those if you have a lot of comments I find it a bit challenging to know when to reply or when to just approve the message. I have found some really interesting posts to comment on, especially the creative posts (Free write (Week 5)) that we had the opportunity to write about. I feel like those were worth commenting on because they truly show creativity. My posts are getting a lot of quality comments like compliments but also feedback about my stories.

Comment starters:

  1. I love the way you…
  2. This connects to the time…
  3. This makes me wonder about…
  4. *questions*
  5. Your writing is amazing…

Comment Examples

  1. I liked the way you described the setting, it really brought a picture to my head and creates imagery.
  2. This is very relatable because it is something that happens to many people around the world.
  3. This makes me think of the time I went to Mexico, the same thing happened to me.
  4. Wow! How did you feel afterwards?
  5. Your writing is great, I love the detail that you included.

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