Communities! The Pros and cons


Firstly, what is a community; a community is a small group of people whose members reside in a specific locality and share a government, often they have similar cultural backgrounds and heritage. I believe that it is really fun being in a growing community with loving people who support you and your ideas. As well as help people grow. Of course, not everything is perfect there are some pros and cons of being in a community.


I think that one positive aspect of being in a community is the provided support. Even with a small community and because most times the members of the community have the same values and ideals, this can allow people to express their ideas freely, with no worry or fear that someone with be against what they think. This is a conclusive facet because with the support and       acceptance of new ideas that can help the development of ones community and can create a greater impact. Moreover, if support is provided then it can lead to less tension between members and healthier relationships within the group.

Another positive attribute of the being in a community is the impact. I slightly touch upon this subject but community always have big impacts on others’ lives. Because of the close relationship and the connections between members it would seem easier to get along in order to create projects and/or organization that can benefits small groups of people. For instance, now there are many communities that create organizations that help with nature (ex- Go Green). Furthermore, it is not just one person who impacts other, it is a whole group of people and together it creates a greater impact with more ideas.

A final pro of being in a community is building relationships. Communities are usually pretty small, so it is easy to meet to people. Communities allow others to create new relationships based on common interest and commonly, the community members have the same ideologies and passion, therefore, is it almost guaranteed that the friendship with blossom.



Living/ being in a community is great, but there are also exceptions. One con of being in a community is being the real you. Although this is quite contradictive to my previous point. In many circumstances people feel as though, they have to change themselves or how them act in order to fit in with the community they are in.

A final con of being in a community is competition. This mainly happens in the field of sports communities, but also elsewhere. Everyone wants to be at the top and want to be acknowledged. I noticed multiple time in communities, that if you are surpassing someone they will try to surpass you, get the acknowledgement and be seen.





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    I am happy of seeing that someone chose this theme because it is not that easy to talk about when we know that there are so many different communities and definitions for them.
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