How to Comment- and Commenting guidelines

Activity 1: There are many ways you find yourself writing a great well rounded comment. On edublogs you:

  1. Go to your dashboard in the comments section
  2. Select a comment that you want to reply to
  3. Below your text the are multiple options including “spam”, “trash”, and REPLY (that’s the option you would choose)
  4. Finally you reply to your comment and post

Activity 2: When someone leaves a comment the thing that I consider acceptable include:

  1. Being positive and respectful
  2. Adding value and importance to my post
  3. Keeping the conversation going by asking questions
  4. Making connections to know that they really care about my post

The comments that I would put in the trash include:

  1. disrespectful ones
  2. those that try to correct being instead of understanding the value of my post